Monday, October 13, 2008

Tooth Drama

We had quite the drama today as Ashton realized her tooth just might be loose enough to actually come out! One minute she was ready and excited to yank it out, and the next minute tears were streaming from her baby blues. She received lots of advice from teachers and friends at school like eating apples, gum, marshmallows, and corn on the cob. Of course, some friends shared tales of pliers and string. No wonder there were a few tears shed! Neither Mom or Dad got the honors of pulling the first tooth for Ashton. Big sister Madison was the lucky winner. Once the job was complete, it was hard to wipe that gappy grin off her face!
The Tooth Fairy will not be welcome however at our house tonight. Ashton has been waiting for months for this momentous occasion to happen at school so she can take the tooth to the office and share the moment with Mrs. Elliott. We have been given strict instructions to hide the tooth so the Tooth Fairy will not be able to find it tonight.

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