Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Extremely Big Day

In just 7 days the Tutwiler house was completed. It's amazing a project of this scale can be completed in such a small amount of time. We let Madison, Jensen, and Ashton spend the day with PaPa and G to experience this exciting event. They were even lucky enough to have a few little surprises throughout the day.
Paige just happened to be finishing up her filming at Irvine's house on their way past. Their house was her project in Chapman.
Our family friend, Beth, lives in the duplex next to the Tutwiler's new house. While PaPa, G, and the girls were at Beth's, she was able to get them VIP passes and front row "seats" to watch them, "Move that Bus!" Paul DiMeo even paid them a quick visit. Thanks Beth!

This week has sure left us with a ton of awesome memories. The best of those has been to see so many people working together to reach a common goal. I don't think our family will ever forget the week Extreme Makeover came to Chapman. We can't wait for January!

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